Peer-to-Peer Learning Exchange 2013

Our first Peer Learning Exchange was held at Royal Roads University on January 13th, 2013, bringing over forty climate leaders and champions together to exchange information about the drivers of climate action and innovation in BC. This workshop was designed as a peer forum bringing together diverse knowledge among climate leaders and champions, selected from a cross-section of BC communities across the province to exchange, discuss and reflect upon innovative climate solutions being undertaken to meet the climate change challenge. Key questions included the following.

  • What innovations are leading BC communities taking on climate change?
  • What are the drivers and how can other communities learn from these examples?
  • How are these actions changing the way things are done and how decisions are made at the local scale?

The outcomes from the learning exchange were used to develop presentations and publications. In addition, a strategic briefing note for the Province on tools and strategies to accelerate climate leadership in BC was created - Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation: An Action Agenda for BC Decision-Makers, and this can be downloaded below. For a complete list of activities and proceedings at this event, click here.




Following the learning exchange, participants were invited to comment on the learning exchange process. These insights were captured through video interviews, which were used to create a mind map and (subsequently) an animation. The animation can be viewed in the embedded video player, and a copy of the mind map can be downloaded by clicking the link below the video.

Click here to download the mind map used to create the animation.