MC3: Meeting the Climate Change Imperative

The recent release of the IPCC report is alarming. We have about 12 years to get our act together or face catastrophic change to the planet. The challenge facing all societies is great, and it now demands incredible political will. We led our last peer-to-peer learning exchange at Royal Roads on October 18th, meeting with community leaders to discuss our key MC3 policy outcomes. Two main takeaways are we need multi-level governance to reduce our climate pollution before it is too late and meet our COP21 commitments to hold to a 1.5-degree increase. And we will not get there unless we have transition strategies in place so Canadians can see the different pathways to a carbon neutral economy and the polarized debate now happening between the Federal and Provincial governments. Please let go of the power and control and get on with meeting this human imperative.

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