Meeting the Zero Emission Challenge

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A new report by the David Suzuki Foundation shows how Canada can zero out our emissions by the middle of this century. Based on decarbonisation studies in Canada and around the world, it highlights 10 technically feasible options. While the transition will require considerable effort by industry, government, and the Canadian public, the study shows that deep reductions are feasible “while maintaining our quality of life”.

Some of the most important strategies are:

  • the acceleration of clean power;
  • targeting progressively zero emissions in the electricity system emissions;
  • electrifying everything feasible including transportation and heating;
  • adopting renewable energy sources for sectors that struggle the most with electrification such as aviation and heavy transportation;
  • pushing forward energy efficiency;
  • decarbonizing existing heavy industrial processes;
  • divesting from fossil fuels and managing this transition in a just manner by supporting for example vulnerable workers and communities, among others. 

As the report states, these strategies are a “litmus test” for credible climate plans.