MC3 e-Dialogues

The MC3 project is committed to mobilizing knowledge and stimulating discussion around climate change issues and best practices. To this end, the MCproject holds online dialogues using the e-Dialogue platform developed by Community Research Connections, and brings together researchers, practitioners, government, community leaders, and the broader public to discuss climate action within Canada and how best to engage in adaptation and mitigation.

Two e-Dialogue series have been completed through the MC3 project, and these are listed below.  To access and explore the e-Dialogues within a series, click on the series respective link or image.


Dialogues on Climate Action in BC

During the first phase of the project, MC3 researchers gathered to discuss the findings from their research on climate action in BC. These e-Dialogues were followed up with LiveChats in order to engage the broader public and discuss questions and comments on best practices for climate adaptation and mitigation in the province and country.


The Climate Imperative Series

In early 2015, an action agenda for transitioning toward a low carbon economy in Canada was developed and released through the efforts of the Sustainable Canada Dialogues collaborative, consisting of over 60 scientists from different disciplines and provinces across the country. The Climate Imperative e-Dialogues series followed the release of this agenda, and brought together Sustainable Canada Dialogues scholars to delve deeper into the solutions for moving toward low carbon.