How much more (and for how long)?

Global energy consumption. Source: National Observer & BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2019

Despite a rise in renewable energy, global energy production from fossil fuels keeps breaking records. 50% of all fossil fuels burned in human history has taken place since 1990, just before the Kyoto Protocol was negotiated and ratified, and despite many understanding the threat that these pollutants posed to the environment. Sadly, this trend has not come to an end yet, as the burning of both oil and gas keeps setting new records.

Increases in the burning of fossil fuels is still four times higher than growth in renewable energy production. However, we are optimistic that renewables will soon close production growth gap, in spite of recent trends. As clean energy generation records are being set, the number of workers employed in the renewable energy sector has grown up to over 11 million, showing a steady increase over the years.