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A powerful visual depiction of increasing global temperatures is documented in a series of
This video from SolarCity provides a concise visualization of what a solar powered America could look like, by indicating on a map the physic
This article highlights how several airports in North America are striving to be greener, and finding innovative and responsible ways to keep up with demand for air travel in a time where the reduction of our carbon footprint is at the forefront of many industries’ long term visions.
ExxonMobil’s credit rating downgrade with Standard & Poor is more proof that the global economic winds are shifti
Rooftop solar just got a huge PR boost. The U.S. Department of Energy has recently released a report stating that the potential for solar meeting energy demands has almost doubled.
A large part of moving away from fossil fuel dependency is the development of viable alternatives, not only for energy production, but also for everyday materials that have widespread uses.
President Obama is making a major statement about where investments in new, cleaner transportation should come from.
Extreme weather is only worsening the problems caused by climate change
Conceptually, wind power resonates with most people as a viable alternative to fossil fuel and other carbon based energy sources.
QUEST launched their latest report entitled Community Energy Planning: The Value Proposition.